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Tea is often regarded as the very elixir of life! Sipping on a perfectly brewed cup of tea can elevate your moods and relieve you of all your stress. Cupcha Tea is the perfect blend of healthy leaves and great taste that will make your day! For some, tea is a hug in a cup, while for others, tea is that perfect soothing best friend. What is it for you? Discover it with Cupcha Tea!

  • In the hustle and bustle of life, there's something serene about sharing a cup of tea with someone special. Have you discovered your tea companion yet? It's time to create cherished moments over a steaming cup of Cupcha Tea. Let the aroma of our carefully curated blends set the stage for heart-to-heart conversations and shared laughter. Cheers to tea-filled memories and lasting friendships!


Cupcha Tea has truly brightened my days! On a stressful, busy work day when my mind felt like it was running out of battery, Cupcha proved to be a savior. Their classic blend is my personal favorite. There's no time of the day when I don't enjoy sipping on this tea. Brewing my favorite cup of chai has become my everyday hobby, and it's my favorite 'Me Time'! Thanks, Cupcha!


They say good friends always know when you need a cup of tea. For me, that friend has been Cupcha. I feel at home as I sip on Cupcha, even when I'm at work or just in my home office. I love it the most because it is as healthy as it is tasty! Healthy needn't be boring, and Cupcha made this possible for me. I've made my friends try it too, and well, this tea is something to bond over as well.


I'm a creative! Lots of cups of tea are what keep me going, and I was tired of trying different brands in the market. They all pretty much tasted the same, and they just weren't enough to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks to my friend Saloni, who gifted me Cupcha. My search for the perfect tea was over! I loved Cupcha right from the first cup and counting... This tea really is the happiest hug in the form of a cup.