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About Us


Cupcha is a brand that endorses the first quality tea in the world. We bring to you high-grade premium quality tea leaves. Being a brand that has immensely researched tea for years, we can tell you two things about tea. One, perfect tea is made from the perfect blend of different Tea leaves. Two, perfect tea is the one that has the perfect balance of color, aroma, taste and flavor! At Cupcha, we know the ins and outs of bringing our customers that perfect cup of tea! Our Signature Blend at Cupcha is a result of expertise that is acquired over 150 years of experience from around the world in processing and blending of tea. This expertise is what makes our tea the actual best, making a mere tea time turn into an experience each one of our customers look forward to every single day. Our Tea Roots are deeply rooted in the belief of bringing the best blend of Tea to life.


"Cupcha Tea has really made my days! On a stressful busy work day, when my mind felt like it's running out of its battery, Cupcha has really been a saviour. Their classic blend is my personal favourite. There's no time of the day when I don't like sipping on this tea. Brewing my favourite cup of Chai has become my everyday hobby and it's just my favourite Me Time! Thanks Cupcha!"



"They say good friends always know when you need a cup of tea. To me, that friend has been Cupcha. I just feel at home as I sip on Cupcha, even when I'm at work or just working from my home office. I love it the most because it is as healthy as it is tasty! Healthy needn't be boring and Cupcha made this possible for me. I've made my friends try it too and well, this tea is something to bond over with as well. Thank you Cupcha! For bringing the best blend there is to our lives."



"I'm a creative! Lots of cups of tea is what keeps me going and I was tired of trying different brands in the market. They all pretty much tasted the same and they just weren't enough to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks to my friend Saloni who gifted me Cupcha. My search for the perfect tea was over! I loved Cupcha right from the first cup and counting... This tea really is the happiest hug in the form of a cup. Cupcha is my escape from all the stress there is around. With Cupcha, it's just me time and tea time! "



Our supreme quality and commitment to making each cup of tea the best cup of tea, has made us into what we are today! In the coming years, we envision at making Tea, not only the favourite beverage of India but also the most healthy and loved one! With Cupcha, nobody can go wrong in brewing that perfect cup of Chai!